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1. Which foods are most closely correlated with type 2 diabetes?
2. The National Weight Control Registry found the following contributed to long term weight loss:
3. If you want to get enough protein without eating meat, eggs, fish, and dairy,
4. The US RDAs (recommended daily allowances) of nutrients like protein are
5. Fruit contains very little protein, yet some endurance athletes compete effectively onĀ an almost entirely raw fruit diet. They can do this because
6. Which of the following has the highest protein requirements as a percentage of body weight?
7. Most doctors, trainers, and protein calculators overestimate our protein requirements because
8. How many societies in history have thrived on a primarily meat-based diet?
9. People typically lose weight quickly on a low carb diet. This is because
10. People "fall off the wagon" of low carb diets because
11. True or False: Farmed fish is a healthier option than meat from factory-raised animals.

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