What’s in the Book

• Protein is not the key to weight loss — it is actually one of the biggest factors behind the obesity epidemic.

• Animal protein is not the healthiest food we can eat — it is strongly associated with diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, and cancer.

• Carbs are not the enemy — they are a source of energy, and are staples in the diets of the longest-living peoples in the world.

Dr. Davis’s conclusions are supported by numerous scientific studies over many years in multiple countries: meat—not carbs, and not even sugar—provokes a state of inflammation; an immune system response that, when it becomes chronic, underlies virtually every one of our chronic disorders, including heart disease and diabetes.

Consuming animal protein is also linked to weight gain, and even issues related to fatigue and brain fog.

Dr. Davis distills these findings into a straightforward, plant-based solution that combines what we know about our own biology, the evidence from our world’s healthiest cultures, and an insider’s knowledge of the health media and its flawed messaging.

A two-week plan will get you started with a diet composed of fresh, whole fruits and vegetables, along with nuts, seeds, beans, and grains.

You’ll understand the scientific debates over the effects of animal protein and finally know how to interpret the findings of endless contradictory studies and confusing headlines in the news.

You’ll feel confident in knowing how to make the healthiest decisions for yourself and enjoy the extraordinary relief of being able to come to your own conclusions.

Even if you’re a certified “proteinaholic,” Dr. Davis will make recovery a clear, simple process that will change your life forever.