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A Thorough and Very Critical Review of Proteinaholic

by on April 27, 2016

I have been on cruise control since publishing my book but I suspected at some point there would be a response. And of course that day has come.

Denise Minger, famed for her criticisms of The China Study, has taken on Proteinaholic. In the past I have disregarded Denise due to lack of real world experience. She doesn’t treat patients and does not have a formal scientific background.

But over time she has taught me that the appeal to authority may be very flawed. I do not know any scientists as thorough as her when it comes to the literature. Though I may argue with her on many points, I do respect her opinion.

Her review of my book is unbelievably extensive. Denise is a true adversary, doing to my book what I did to Gary Taubes book.

I will prepare a response but I will need time as Denise basically wrote a book. I will say that her criticisms are fair and worthy of response. She praises the parts that I am most passionate about. I do feel she gets so focused on parts that she loses the narrative of the book. I also feel that there are articles that she has misrepresented.

I do thank her for such a thorough review. Now to dust off the keyboard and prepare a response worthy of such an adversary.