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The Myth of a Sad, Tasteless Healthy Diet

by on June 29, 2015

One of my friends sent me this.

baconless-yearsIt is funny, but the sad part is some people actually believe this. They think that eating a healthy plant based diet may make you live longer but why do that if you cannot eat a cheeseburger.

First off, if you have seen my pictures, the food I eat is delicious. There is a whole world of delicious plant based recipes. The variety is incredible. Also, the more you eat a natural diet the more sensitive your tastes become. An orange is the most beautiful tasting thing to me.


Meanwhile, while I used to love fast food, now the thought of ingesting a disgusting, oily hamburger could make me hurl (medical term).

Secondly, after eating a healthy plant based meal you feel great. No issues. No heartburn, no stomach aches, no fatigue.

Third, you feel great all the time. I have energy beyond what I could previously have imagined. I keep getting stronger, faster, and healthier. I feel like Benjamin Button, aging in reverse.

I don’t eat a plant based diet to live longer. I eat this way because it tastes great, makes me feel great, is great for the environment and is great for the animals.