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A Beautiful Piece on Body Image and Self-Love

by on July 07, 2015

emily-nolanEmily Nolan is a plus size model who has struggled with her weight and body image for years. I see so many people who also struggle with society’s, and their own, expectations, and have seen what it can do to the psyche.

Emily has learned to deal with these issues, and love herself. I think many can learn from her. In her own words:

I am the big girl, no, the girl. My legacy is not this cold table which upon I lie. I am no barbie doll, no someone else’s idea. I am me, uniquely.

To play, to live, to experience, to dream–my spirit promises to keep me from this day forward. In dreams, I’ll soar, away, so far, just to remind myself that I’m not trapped in this body. That this skin is just my spirit’s keeper, for now.

I am a voice, not hushed with words. My story will not fall upon deaf ears, like the empty echoes in the hallways of this hospital. Instead I boom, I echo, I storm. I share, I hug, I cry, I revert. I remember, I persist, I touch, I heal. And when it’s all over, I’ll laugh at my human experience and with the blink of my tired, experienced eyes I’ll proclaim that this, all of this, is my legacy.

I am the big girl, no, a girl, and I’m writing this story to save my life.

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