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Book Review: The Plantpower Way

by on April 29, 2015

I remember when I first discovered I had high cholesterol and hypertension. I began really researching nutrition and was shocked to discover all the benefits of a plant strong diet.

Problem was, I hated veggies. Not sure I ate any veggies at all before age 35. My view of vegetarianism was canned carrots and peas. I literally started by eating veggie burgers at every meal. Hardly healthy.

So, I completely understand the blank looks on my patients’ faces when I mentioned plant based diets. Well thank God I have a new prescription and that is Rich Roll and Julie Piatt’s new book, The Plantpower Way. Loving the recipes. You guys have seen all the delicious meals I eat. Well Rich and his wife explain how to make these meals easily.

I wish everybody could understand how great you feel on a whole food plant based diet. And I wish people could understand that the meals I eat are delicious and beautiful. It is not some monumental effort of will power. In fact, eating a plant strong diet is easy and far more appealing than how I used to eat.

So I am prescribing The Plantpower Way for all of you. Now do as the doctor says. ; )