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This is the way “Healthcare” should be administrated!

by on July 08, 2016

cookingKaiser Permanente is an HMO. Basically, they are a health system that owns healthcare facilities and physicians. They then provide insurance policies to people and if they become ill they are treated at a Kaiser facility by Kaiser doctors.

This creates an interesting dynamic. Instead of a hospital or physician making money based on treating sick people, Kaiser actually makes more money if they can prevent you from getting sick in the first place. They would far rather have you not get heart disease than come for cardiac Cath, and take expensive medications, all of which comes out of their pocket.

So how do you keep people healthy and not needing to utilize expensive medical services? You teach them a plant based diet. Kaiser has done the research. This is a big business where health=money, and they have decided that plant based diets are not only what is best for their patient’s health but also what is best for the solvency of the institution.

Kaiser has been teaching its primary care physicians the importance of a plant based diet. Now they have a new guide that physicians can give to patients to help them transition to a plant based diet.

Can you imagine the changes if the whole country adopted this model?…/The-Plant-Based-Diet-b…