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US Government Ignores Nutritional Science and Bows to Meat Lobby – Yet Again

by on October 08, 2015

slate-phThe same day Proteinaholic came out, this article by Josh Vorhees appears in Slate magazine: “Meat-Loving Republicans Cowed the White House Into Ignoring Expert Nutrition Advice.”

I guess I don’t even understand why the USDA got a panel of experts to advise them on the dietary guidelines. The recommendations to eat less meat and more fruits and veggies proved too radical for Congress.

Of course, it really only had to do with money. Congress. Is bought and sold. Big Ag basically pays off influential Congressmen.

It is just beyond absurd that in this day and age we can still let this happen.

So instead of a panel of health experts recommendations, the new recs will come from congressmen who believe that we should eat as much fat and cholesterol as we see fit. Friggin ridiculous!!!!!!!!

Note from Howard: Not that I ever doubted it, but this shows how important it is to spread the message that we share in Proteinaholic. Only the (informed) people can save us – the politicians and their addiction to corporate handouts never will.