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by on October 27, 2015

I HATE the word “moderation.” What does that even mean?

The Okinawans eat meat moderately: fish 2-3x week and pork once a week or, more traditionally, once a month with festivities.

Our view of moderation still has an animal product at every single meal.

The interesting thing when you really look at the science, is that the effect of meat seems to be at small doses. The largest difference in cancer incidence come between those who eat no meat at all compared to those who eat just a little meat. Not as much of a difference, though still a climb, in between some and more meat.

So moderation looks bad, according to the science.

To all you people saying we should eat meat in moderation: “Would you also then say that we should smoke in moderation?

A lot of this debate sounds just like the issues with tobacco.

Tobacco was found to be carcinogenic. Industry paid scientists to cast doubt upon the findings. People argued vehemently that the science was bad. People got horribly sick and died prematurely.

Eventually government realized smoking really was a problem. They started warning the people. People refused to listen. Eventually laws were passed where you couldn’t smoke in public places. Now smokers have been exiled to outside corners where they cower and smoke their cancer sticks.

May I dream for just a moment?

My dream is that instead of going to restaurants where there is one vegetarian dish and the rest is all meat dishes, instead the whole menu is filled with endless varieties of colorful veggies, fruits and legumes. There are one or two meat products available but they carry a warning.

Actually, if I am dreaming, no meat is available, and if you are going to snap into a Slim Jim, you have to do it outside, on a corner.