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It’s time to rejoice in the positive changes

by on June 08, 2016

(Warning, Jerry Maguire style rant). As I began studying the effects of lifestyle on health, and the amazing research on the benefits of plant based diets for our heath and the health of our environment, I had this burning desire to share the news with everybody. I felt like I had discovered some long lost antidote, a fountain of youth, etc. It was just so obvious. A true “Aha!” moment.

I was truly perplexed by what I found as I ventured into social media to share the news. Not just doubt, or questions, but vitriol and an anti-intellectual refusal to look beyond one’s beliefs. Keep in mind, I had been a huge meat eater, and wrote a book that said eat protein first, and yet the data was so overwhelming, I had to change my ways. So I was utterly, and probably naively, shocked when so many people flat out rejected the research I had discovered. I showed data that plant based diets can reverse heart disease, stop cancer, and help you live longer, and the response was, “well what about B12.” How crazy is that?!

I am utterly shocked when people say that there are no studies that show a benefit to plant based diets, when in actuality there are thousands. Some people just refuse to open their eyes, and constantly search for any data, no matter how bad, that supports their view. It seems that some people cannot even be convinced that water is wet.

Worse yet, the research on the effects of our modern day animal agriculture on the environment are absolutely insane. It is so blatantly obvious. Yet, the media went crazy for an article that said that a plant based diet would be worse for the environment. Understand how absolutely ludicrous that is. This article,…/de…/files/uploads/Memo_on_CMU_study.pdf, tore that study up, but the problem is that this is not an intellectual debate. You could have thousands of articles showing the damage and yet all one person has to do is quote that ridiculous study and, somehow, in this new anti-intellectual world your argument is neutralized.

The world looks truly bizarre to me now. We spend more money than any other country on healthcare but have some of the worst health. We absolutely destroy our environment to sustain a way of eating that absolutely destroys our bodies, and yet we cannot even fathom change. Meanwhile, we go crazy for animal rights when it comes to dogs and cats, while millions of other animals are tortured beyond belief. The ethics of animal agriculture just cannot be defended.

That being said, I have seen so many great changes over the years. The naysayers are loud, but they cannot seem to stop the changes that are happening. While at one time many were easily convinced by blog sites and pseudo expert advice, more people now are using common sense. I see people starting to ask real questions. Where does our food come from? How were the animals treated? What effect does this have on our environment? What effect does this have on my health? Many have noted that, in effect, buy choosing certain foods we are voting with our dollars.

I sincerely hope that as you learn and open your eyes you can share with others. Do not be dissuaded by the close minded.

For me, I have come to a point where arguing over whether a plant based diet is good for you or if animal products are bad for you has become ridiculous. The evidence is just so obvious that I feel like having to defend it is a waste of time because those that argue with it have zero capability to judge objectively.

More importantly, while I don’t think being vegan is essential for being healthy, it most definitely is not bad for you, and is most definitely great for our environment.

So for now I am going to share more positive things on line. I am done with the bickering for now. Lets share the good news. Lets rejoice in the positive changes.